About Me!

Hey everyone!! Welcome to my little corner of the internet! My name is Genni and I run this blog! Here are a couple facts about me:

1) I'm 18!

2) I live in the US

3) I read basically only YA, and normally when I breach out it's because of school

  4) Speaking of school, I'm a freshman at UNC Chapel Hill!

5) I am majoring in English, and hope to be an acquisitions editor in my future. Essentially, I search for new writers and/or manuscripts, decide if the submissions get green lit, approach author's for publishing a book, etc. It sounds like a dream come true!

6) I am also thinking about minoring or doing a double major in women's studies.

7) Yes, I am a feminist. 

8) No, I don't hate men. And I'm not a hairy lesbian either. :)

9) This year I joined Jazzercise, which is quite honestly amazing! I've never been so happy with my body!

10) I have one dog, and her name is Gabby. And I love her to the moon and back!

11) I also have an older sister (she's three years older), but sometimes people ask if we're twins, which is weird because we don't look extremely alike. 

12) I also read manga! Some of my favorites include Fruits Basket and Marmalade Boy. My guilty pleasures are Peach Girl and Mermaid Melody!

13) My mom was diagonsed when I was a freshman in high school with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalsia. She only has a moderate case of both, but it's pretty bad if one person has both.

14) Some of my favorite TV shows include Grey's Anatomy (rmemeber when George and Izzie were a thing? lol..), The Vampire Diaries (I'm team Delena and team Klaroline), and the 100 (can Bellarke just be a thing already?!) 

15) I love High School Musical. Maybe too much.... It's so bad and I love it. 

16) My guilty pleasure TV shows are Shadowhunters (that first season was ROUGH), Teen Wolf, and Bachelor in Paradise. 

17) My favorite posts to write are mini movie reviews!

18) My favorite movies I've watched this year are Get Out, Split, Baby Driver, Colossal, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and Blackfish! 

19) I'm 5' 2". It's really hard to reach things sometimes. ;)

20) I have a lazy eye, and actually had to wear an eyepatch for a while! I would walk into walls and everything. If they caught it any later, I would have been blind in one eye. I guess I was good at hiding things when I was 6...

Okay there are 20 fun facts about me! I hope they're fun at least. Hopefully this gave you a little insight into who I am behind the screen!


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  1. Oh i didn't know what an acquisitions editor was and now I do! That would be one amazing job! :)And oh I love enjoyable dance workouts!They make me feel so awesome :) Oh I'm so sorry your mom's having a bad time with her health...Both are terrible conditions :/

    GOG 2 was so adorable and emotional!! I AM GROOT! I'm barely 5'2" :P Oh god! Is your eye better now?

    It was amazing getting to know you better Genni :) :)