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Stranger Things Book Tag!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! I'm Genni, and today I'm going to be doing a book tag! I haven't done one of these in a quick minute, but was actually thinking of creating my own Stranger Things book tag when I saw this on my feed. The first one I saw was Jessica from A GREAT Read, and it was made from Tracy at Cornerfolds. Check out their posts, which I hyperlinked.

I absolutely devoured the third season of Stranger Things, and I'm glad to see all the hype transferring into the book community. If Netflix really wanted to get money hungry, they'd do some middle grade/YA book series. Maybe it could focus on the mundane, like what happened in between the time jump of seasons 2 and 3, or other characters, like Eleven's "sister," who I didn't care too much about, to be honest.

Here's a quick low down about my feelings on ST3:
  • I wish Nancy had more of a purpose, because it seemed like she was written for the love triangle in mind in the first and second seasons, and then was pushed aside when it all got resolved. 
  • The cinematography was on point! The season was so beautiful and eye-catching.
  • I thought the ending episode was fantastic. I laughed; I cried. 
  • Robin and Erica are such stand outs, and I loved both of them so much. 
  • The first couple episodes didn't feel distinct from each other, and I would like a bit more separation from episode to epsilon. I love having a season-long ARC (as we always do), but the singular episode plot lines felt a bit too similar in the first couple episodes.
Okay, now that I got all my rambling over (lol, sorry), onto the reason you clicked on this post...the tag!


I was hooked right as I opened Getaway Girl by Tessa Bailey. While romance novels are easy to interest me in general, I couldn't put this down! Getaway Girl opens with the protagonist, Addison Potts, attempting to crash her cousin's wedding when the groom, Elijah, is stood up. There's drama from the first page, as well as sparks between the two main characters. The novel never slowed down either, even as it nears 300 pages.


I actually don't read too much fantasy anymore. While it was one of my favorite genres when I was getting into reading, I find that I can't connect with the characters as much in a fantastical setting. However, the fantasy world of The Raging Ones would be interesting to experience, but just for a day or so, and then I'd like to come back to the real world, thankyouverymuch. The Raging Ones is set in a far future in a different galaxy and different planets. In this world, people are born knowing when they die. There are some who die before maturation, like Babes, and others who live past 100 years, such as Influentials. I wonder what it would be like to live in this world, where I know the day I was going to die, and if that would affect my actions and values.

This one is really easy to answer! The first answer that comes to mind are the group of friends in The Percy Jackson series. I started reading Percy Jackson & the Olympians when I was a kid, and I loved reading about Percy's friendships with Grover and Annabeth, along with his interactions with side-characters like Nico, Bianca, Thalia, and more. Percy, Grover, and Annabeth have each other's backs, and would literally die for each other; that is some serious loyalty. But they also fool around and are just kids as well, leading to some genuine laughs while reading.


Okay, this is so unfair to Joyce Byer! Joyce, while a little unhinged, wasn't crazy by any means - she is a grieving mother who was right. Nevertheless, my favorite "unhinged" characters are from Girls With Sharp Sticks by Suzanne Young. Philomena is a student at Innovations Academy, where teenage girls are trained to be the misogynistic "perfect woman." These girls are so submissive to the men of the academy, it's unnerving. While this does change throughout the novel, there are times Philomena and her others classmates revert to this behavior, and it is very disturbing.


Unfortunately, Final Girls by Riley Sager was a bit of a let down compared to my expectations. I was thinking that Final Girls would be a fast-paced, nail-biting thriller. However, a lot of the first and second act is builds tension. There's a lot of uncomfortable conversations, baking, and drinking vodka. But there's no true thrills until the third act. My expectations were way off-base, leading to my underwhelmed reaction.

I'm going to go with Delirium by Lauren Oliver for this one. Now, I haven't read the book in quite a bit, but the government is just really strange. The government in Delirium criminalizes love, citing it as the reason for many deaths. Looking back on it, this is just a head-scratching and freaky way of thinking. Making people battle to the death as punishment for a rebellion? Horrifying, but at least readers could insert themselves into the sort of deranged thinking and kind of see their reasoning. But the government of Delirium makes such out-there decisions (like outlawing love), making the government come off so bizarre.


If I ever encountered the monsters in Sanctuary by Caryn Lix, I would die so quickly. These sentient monsters wreak havoc on a spaceship, and I can't imagine the terror that would ensue if they were on-Earth. Kenzie and co. have to battle the monsters to safety, and while it was a thrilling read, I would not want to ever experience it.


After closing How to Hack a Hearbreak, I had the great sense of wanting more. However, this wasn't a good "wanting more," in which I yearned for another glimpse into the world. Instead, I wish there was more time expanding the romance and developing the side characters so that they were more dimensional. There was a great lot that interested me, but I always felt like there wasn't enough. Give me more!

All right! So that was the Stranger Things tag! Have you seen the most recent season? What was your thoughts? What would be some of your answers to the prompts? 

Thanks so much for stopping by and I'll see you soon with another post!

Happy Reading!

Genni @ Ready, Set, Read! 

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