Monday, September 24, 2018

BOOK REVIEW | Beautiful Player by Christina Lauren

Title: Beautiful Player

Author: Christina Lauren

Series? Yes, the third in the Beautiful series (companion novels)

Pages: 432

Publication Date: October 29, 2013

Publisher: Gallery Books

Source: I read this on Scribd!

A bombshell bookworm. A chronic Casanova. And a lesson in chemistry too scandalous for school.

When Hanna Bergstrom receives a lecture from her overprotective brother about neglecting her social life and burying herself in grad school, she’s determined to tackle his implied assignment: get out, make friends, start dating. And who better to turn her into the sultry siren every man wants than her brother’s gorgeous best friend, Will Sumner, venture capitalist and unapologetic playboy?

Will takes risks for a living, but he’s skeptical about this challenge of Hanna’s…until the wild night his innocently seductive pupil tempts him into bed- and teaches him a thing or two about being with a woman he can’t forget. Now that Hanna’s discovered the power of her own sex appeal, it’s up to Will to prove he’s the only man she’ll ever need.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

TTT | Books on My Fall TBR!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! I'm Genni, and today I'm participating in Top Ten Tuesday, a weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Today's topic is "books on my fall TBR!" I always associate fall with school, so for me, fall has already begun! Nevertheless, here are ten books that I hope to read! Most of these are ARCs, simply because I focus on them during school!

10) The Raging Ones by Krista and Becca Ritchie

I have an ARC of this, and I haven't started it yet! I haven't read sci-fi in a while, and I'm looking forward to getting back into the genre. To be honest, I don't know much about the book, but it has gotten pretty good reviews! The 4.12 average rating on goodreads is promising. 

9) Mirage by Somaiya Daud
I am determined to finish Mirage. I was about 60 percent of the way through before I moved into university. Mirage moves a bit slower than I'm accustomed, so I already wasn't making quick progress. when I moved in, I wanted quick reads, like romance novels, so I put this one on pause. I've really loved what I have read though, so I want to acutally finish it! 

BOOK REVIEW | Life on the Leash by Victoria Schade

Title: Life on the Leash
Author: Victoria Schade
Series? No, Life on the Leash is a standalone novel.
Pages: 352
Publisher: Gallery Books
Publication Date: September 18, 2018
Source: I received Life on the Leash via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own! Thank you to Gallery Books for providing the ARC.
Must Love Dogs meets My Not So Perfect Life in this hilarious romantic comedy about a dog trainer who’s a master at managing her four-legged friends, but when it comes to her love life...let’s just say she still has a lot to learn.

Cora Bellamy is a woman who thrives on organization. She’s successfully run her own dog training business for years, perfectly content with her beloved rescue pitbull as the main man in her life. She’s given everything to her business, and her lack of social life (or slobber-free clothes) has been completely worth it.

But all that changes when she meets Charlie Gill, the hottest client she’s ever had. The only problem? Charlie’s taken. Luckily, Cora has a new friend—the sweet, lovably geeky Eli Crawford. More loyal than a retriever, he’s always there to help Cora with her problems, including her love life. That’s why she’s shocked to realize that even as things start heating up with Charlie, there might just be a more-than-friends spark between her and Eli, too.

As Cora’s life gets more tangled up than a dogwalker’s leashes—and as she prepares to audition for a dog-training TV show that may irrevocably change her entire life—she has to figure things out before it all goes straight to the dogs.

Charming, witty, and warm-hearted, Life on the Leash inspires you to cheer for every underdog looking for love.

Friday, September 14, 2018

BOOK TAG | Avatar: The Last Airbender

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! I'm Genni, and today I'll be dong the Avatar: The Last Airbender tag! I saw this on Kelly's blog, but it was originally done by A Clockwork Reader on her youtube channel!

If I'm being honest, I was a casual fan of  the show. If it was on tv, I would watch it, but I never actually followed the plot! One of these days I want to restart the series and really take it in, since so many people seem to love it! Now, onto the tag!

1) Katara and Sokka | The Best Sibling Relationship

Kitty, Margot, and Lara Jean!
How can I not say the Song sisters from To all the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han?! I mean, it is seriously just the best. I love how constant their sisterhood is, and that Lara Jean's relationship with her family takes precedent over her relationship with Peter, or any other guys. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

What I'll Be Reading This Fall Semester!

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog! I'm Genni, and today I'll be talking about all the books I know (for certain) that I'm going to be reading this fall semester. Some of you might not be in school, but I am! I attend University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and my school year is now in full swing!

If you don't know, I'm a double major! I study both English and Women and Gender Studies. This semester, I'm finishing up some of my gen eds. I'm taking my last math class - yay!- and taking my required fitness class, which I'm really looking forward to. Other than those two classes, I'm taking some classes that really pique my interest. With all those classes, comes textbooks and required reading.

Today I'll be sharing the books I'll be reading this upcoming semester!

  1. EVERYTHING by Jane Austen
    Our Lady Jane!
    1.  okay, okay, maybe not everything but I am reading a ton of Austen this semester! I'm taking class solely focused on Jane Austen. The list includes...
      1. Pride and Prejudice
      2. Sense and Sensibility
      3. Emma
      4. Mansfield Park
      5. Persuasion
      6. Love and Friendship
      7. Lady Susan 
    2. When it comes to required reading, I have a bad habit of skimming near the end or my attention wavering. I know if I really take my time and pay attention, I'll enjoy the books and get much more out of the class! 
  2. EVERYTHING by Shakespeare
    check out Will's earring!
    1. now you're thinking, "really Genni, everything by Shakespeare??" Like obviously not everything under the sun that Shakespeare has written, but a good chunk of it! 
    2. On the syllabus we're reading:
      1.   A Midsummer Night's Dream
      2.  Much Ado About Nothing
      3.  Measure for Measure
      4.  The First Part of Henry the Fourth
      5.  The Life of King Henry the Fifth
      6.  Romeo and Juliet
      7.  Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
      8.  Macbeth 
    3. I am happy that we are focusing on Shakespeare's plays instead of sonnets. I just studies his sonnets last year, so I didn't want to do it all over again! 
    4. I have already read some of these during my schooling. I've read Romeo and Juliet in 7th grade, and then again as a freshman at high school. I also read A Midsummer Night's Dream in middle school, and Hamlet and Macbeth senior year of high school. I am looking forward to reading the others ones, though!
  3. Latinx Literature
    • I'm taking a class this semester named "Latino/Latina Literature," which is pretty self explanatory. I haven't delved into Latinx literature, so I think it'll be great to read about another culture! Some of the books include:
Besides those books, plays, etc., that I've listed, there are of course...textbooks! I'm reading two for a poli class I'm taking, one for my fitness class, and two for a class focused on gender and sexuality in Africa. In the first three weeks of university, I've already read A Midsummer Night's Dream, Love and Firendship, Lady Susan, Sense and Sensibility, and the majoirty of the Cha Cha Files

I do love reading, but all of this assigned reading has meant by "fun" reading has been on the back burner. I've been able to find a good balance by reading the books when I need a break from homework, but I have yet to regularly incorporate blogging into the day! I think I'll figure it out this September though. :)  

Are you in school this year? What books are you reading? What have been some of your favorite required reaidngs?

Thanks so much for stopping by and I'll see you soon with another post!

Happy Reading!

Genni @ Ready, Set, Read!

    Monday, September 10, 2018

    BOOK REVIEW | Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

    Title: Beautiful Bastard
    Author: Christina Lauren
    Series? Yes, the first in a series of 5 books that follow different main characters for each novel.
    Pages: 320
    Publication Date: February 12, 2013
    Publisher: Gallery Books
    Source: I read Beautiful Bastard during my first free month of Scribd, an online book service.
    An ambitious intern. A perfectionist executive. And a whole lot of name calling.

    Whip-smart, hardworking, and on her way to an MBA, Chloe Mills has only one problem: her boss, Bennett Ryan. He's exacting, blunt, inconsiderate—and completely irresistible. A Beautiful Bastard.

    Bennett has returned to Chicago from France to take a vital role in his family's massive media business. He never expected that the assistant who'd been helping him from abroad was the gorgeous, innocently provocative—completely infuriating—creature he now has to see every day. Despite the rumors, he's never been one for a workplace hookup. But Chloe's so tempting he's willing to bend the rules—or outright smash them—if it means he can have her. All over the office.

    As their appetites for one another increase to a breaking point, Bennett and Chloe must decide exactly what they're willing to lose in order to win each other.

    Originally only available online as The Office by tby789 — and garnering over 2 million reads on fanfiction sites — Beautiful Bastard has been extensively updated for re-release.

    Friday, September 7, 2018

    Thoughts While Listening To... | Contagion by Erin Bowman

    Title: Contagion

    Author: Erin Bowman

    Series? Yes, a duology

    Pages: The hardcover edition has 432 pages. The audiobook is 9 hours and 37 minutes long.

    Publication Date: July 24, 2018

    Source: I listened to the auidobook of Contagion via my online local library!
    Perfect for fans of Madeleine Roux, Jonathan Maberry, and horror films like 28 Days Later and Resident Evil, this pulse-pounding, hair-raising, utterly terrifying novel is the first in a duology from the critically acclaimed author of the Taken trilogy.

    After receiving a distress call from a drill team on a distant planet, a skeleton crew is sent into deep space to perform a standard search-and-rescue mission.

    When they arrive, they find the planet littered with the remains of the project—including its members’ dead bodies. As they try to piece together what could have possibly decimated an entire project, they discover that some things are best left buried—and some monsters are only too ready to awaken.


    “Gripping, thrilling and terrifying in equal measures, Contagion is the perfect intersection of science fiction and horror—I couldn’t look away.”—Amie Kaufman, New York Times bestselling author of Illuminae and Unearthed

    “Few understand the true horror that lies in the empty unknown of space, but Erin Bowman nails it in Contagion. Read this one with the lights on!”—Beth Revis, New York Times bestselling author of the Across the Universe series and Star Wars: Rebel Rising

    “Erin Bowman’s Contagion is everything I want in my science fiction: a cast of smart characters on a desperate rescue mission forced to confront an elusive and unstoppable enemy. I absolutely loved this layered and thrilling adventure and can’t wait to dive back into this world again.”—Veronica Rossi, New York Times bestselling author of the Under the Never Sky series