Monday, December 17, 2018

November Wrap Up!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog, where I don't regularly post! First, I'd like to acknowledge my lack of posting recently. School has been very hectic with finals, but I just finished the semester! I'll have an extended break from the 15th until the first week of the new year. Hopefully I'll be writing enough posts to keep me afloat. :)

During November, I read 10 books! I am pretty proud of this number since I had so much going on. Here are the 10 I read:

1) The Accidental Beauty Queen by Teri Wilson 

 The Accidental Beauty Queen is a quick, light, rom-com about two twins doing the classic switcheroo ala The Parent Trap at a peagant competition. It wasn't my favorite book ever, but it was great to read during such a stressful time.

2) Hamlet by Shakespeare

I wrote a whole research paper about Hamlet, so I'm kind of done talking about it. Hamlet isn't my favorite Shakespeare play (honestly, I don't know what is), but I enjoyed it and understood it a lot more than I did three years ago on my first read. 
3) Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare

By reading Lord of Shadows this November I was able to finally catch up with the Shadowhunter chronicles. Since Queen of Air and Darkness just released, I am now behind the curve. LoS was a wonderful book, but it wasn't completely perfect. Still, it's one of Clare's best additions!
4) My Favorite Half-Night Stand by Christina Lauren

I love Christina Lauren, so I was ecstatic when I won My Favorite Half-Night Stand through a goodreads raffle. I will say, Lauren's latest release is not my favorite, simply because I felt uncomfortable about the catfishing scenario. Nevertheless, this author duo's writing style is spot-on again. 
5) This Cruel Design by Emily Suvada
This Cruel Design is the sequel to one of my favorite books of last year, This Mortal Coil. Though This Cruel Design didn't live up to my ultimate crush on This Mortal Coil, I really liked the sequel and the plot kept changing course so many times. I'm eagerly anticipating the third novel! Emily Suvada here I come! 

6) Bro Code by Kendall Ryan
 Ah, another romance novel. I mean, would this be a wrap up anymore if I didn't have a romance novel with a cringe-y cover on the list? Bro Code wasn't a new favoirte, but it was a quick read. I'll be looking up Kendall Ryan on Scribd and seeing what else I can read from here!

7) Macbeth by Shakespeare
Oh, Macbeth...what a play. I really enjoyed both Hamlet and Macbeth, and much like Hamlet, I understood and enjoyed it much more than my first time. If you are new to Shakespeare, I would recommend this or Romeo and Juliet as a first read! 

8) Trouble Brewing by Suzanne Balstar

9) The Marriage Bargain by Jennifer Probst

10) The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory

Life Updates!

Goodreads Challenge!

I completed my goodreads challenge this month! My goodreads challenge was set to 100 books, and I surpassed that easily this year. This surprises me because I've rarely reached my goal these last two years. Being in English classes at my university helps, because it makes me read books even when I'm busy, because it's homework! I'm not going to up my challenge, and instead just read what I want with no pressure at all. 

Her Campus Articles!
As I mentioned last month, I am a staff writer for Her Campus, which is an online collegiate magazine. There's chapters all around the world, and I work for the one for my university. 

Well, that was my November wrap up? Have you read any of these books? What did you think?

Thanks so much for stopping by and I'll see you soon with another post!

Happy Reading!

Genni @ Ready, Set, Read!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

INTERVIEW | Teri Wade of The Accidental Beauty Queen!

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog! As you can see, I have a different sort of post for you all today -- an author interview! I recently read Teri Wilson's The Accidental Beauty Queen and was swept away into a world of pageantry, sisterhood, and love. When I got an email asking if I could be a part of the novel's blog tour, I bit at the chance! Without further ado, here is my interview! 

If you are interested in purchasing the book for you, your friend, your library, etc. links to booksellers follow the interview. 

Hi Teri! Thanks so much for stopping by at my blog! To start off, why don’t you give us the elevator pitch for The Accidental Beauty Queen? 

The Accidental Beauty Queen is a fun story in which a shy librarian takes her identical twin sister’s place in a national beauty pageant and ends up learning a lot about herself and what it truly means to be beautiful. 

Friday, November 23, 2018

BOOK TAG | Greek Gods Book Tag!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! I'm Genni, and I may be blogging regularly??? What is this life? Now that I'm on Thanksgiving break, I'm using my time to write the rest of my November posts, and hopefully some of my December posts, one of them being this one!

Today I'm participating in the Greek Gods book tag. I wasn't tagged, but did see this on Melanie's blog, Mel to the Any. As someone who was obsessed with Greek gods and goddesses back in the day, I was super excited to see this post. Also, I'm so worn out from university and I didn't have any good ideas, so there's that. 

Here are the rules for the tag:
  • Pingback to Zuky here so she can read all your posts!
  • You can use her graphics if you like, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. The graphics for this post are my own, so if you use the graphics from here, please credit me (Genni @ Ready, Set, Read)!
  • Tag as many people as you want, but please share the love.
Now let's get started!

Um...I don't know if I have just one favorite book. But one of my favorite books of this year has been Autoboyography by Christina Lauren. The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang and Analee, in Real Life by Janelle Milanes are standouts as well. All of them have romance and a strong character development.  

 Cat from This Cruel Design is pretty badass. Living with another person in her mind and having to balance both? Pretty hard. Cat tries to subdue an epidemic, traveling around, trying to make allies, and hacking all around. Her actions in the last third of the book were so badass, and with that cliffhanger of and ending, I hope she is okay.

Friday, November 16, 2018

BOOK REVIEW | Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare

Title: Lord of Shadows
Author: Cassandra Clare
Series? Yes, Lord of Shadows is the second book in The Dark Artifices trilogy, which is part of the Shadowhunter world, which includes other series, like The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices.
Pages: 701
Publication Date: May 23, 2017
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books (imprint of Simon & Schuster)
Source: I checked this out from my university library.
Would you trade your soul mate for your soul?

A Shadowhunter’s life is bound by duty. Constrained by honor. The word of a Shadowhunter is a solemn pledge, and no vow is more sacred than the vow that binds parabatai, warrior partners—sworn to fight together, die together, but never to fall in love.

Emma Carstairs has learned that the love she shares with her parabatai, Julian Blackthorn, isn’t just forbidden—it could destroy them both. She knows she should run from Julian. But how can she when the Blackthorns are threatened by enemies on all sides?

Their only hope is the Black Volume of the Dead, a spell book of terrible power. Everyone wants it. Only the Blackthorns can find it. Spurred on by a dark bargain with the Seelie Queen, Emma; her best friend, Cristina; and Mark and Julian Blackthorn journey into the Courts of Faerie, where glittering revels hide bloody danger and no promise can be trusted. Meanwhile, rising tension between Shadowhunters and Downworlders has produced the Cohort, an extremist group of Shadowhunters dedicated to registering Downworlders and “unsuitable” Nephilim. They’ll do anything in their power to expose Julian’s secrets and take the Los Angeles Institute for their own.

When Downworlders turn against the Clave, a new threat rises in the form of the Lord of Shadows—the Unseelie King, who sends his greatest warriors to slaughter those with Blackthorn blood and seize the Black Volume. As dangers close in, Julian devises a risky scheme that depends on the cooperation of an unpredictable enemy. But success may come with a price he and Emma cannot even imagine, one that will bring with it a reckoning of blood that could have repercussions for everyone and everything they hold dear.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Book Recommendations Based off Ariana Grande's "thank u, next"

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! First, I want to apologize for being so absent on here. I have barely been responding to comments, let alone commenting back and posting regularly. To make it up to you, I'm doing this post where I match books to the lyrics in Ariana Grande's latest single, "thank u, next."

Up until this year, I wasn't a mega-fan of Ariana Grande. I listened to her casually, but I didn't follow her music. But then Sweetener came out and I started playing closer attention to her. The album isn't perfect, but there are a lot of solid songs on there, and I frequently listen to it. And then she released "thank u, next." I was done for. I mean...what a BOP. To honor my favorite song at the moment, I'm going to be recommending some books based off the lyrics. 

First, if you haven't listened to the song, here it is below!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

TTT | Backlist Books I Want to Read

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! I'm Genni, and today I'm going to be joining in on Top Ten Tuesday, or TTT. TTT is a weekly meme hosted by Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl. This week's topic is, "Backlist Books I Want to Read." In case you don't know, backlist books are older books avaiable from a publisher, rather than newer releases, that are sometimes referred to as the frontlist.

There are a ton of backlist books I want to read, but here are ten that I am eager to read, in no particular order!

10) Gone by Michael Grant
Michael Grant's seven (?) book long series is so well known in the YA community. As an avid YA reader, I feel like I should give this one a look! 

9) Parable of the Sower by Octavia E. Butler
I read Butler's Kindred last year, and absolutely loved it. I watched an operatic musical of this book, and thought it was great. So now I just need to actually read the book! 

8) Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
I don't know how I did it, but I managed not to be spoiled about this, except for some minor things. I definitely want to read and watch the movie, but this isn't a priority right now. One day!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

October Wrap Up!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my post! I'm Genni, and today I'll be wrapping up what I've read in October!

Schoolwork got pretty hectic, so I only read 8 books this month. I'm glad I managed to get to any though!

Without further ado, here are the books I read this past October!

1) Before We Were Free by Julia Alverez

I don't have much to say about Before We Were Free. I think I'm all talked-out, considering my class discussed this novel for over a week. It was good, and I recommend it. That is all!