Saturday, April 30, 2016

Triannual 2016 Rewind: Favorite Books

Hey guys and welcome back to my blog! I'm Genni and today I will be showing you guys my favorite books of these past four months! So far, I've read a lot of great books, but there's only been one that has actually gotten five stars.You can head on over here if you want to know what series I have finished this year!

1.) Their Fractured Light by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner
This is by far my favorite book of the year. I have no faults with this book at all. The writing in these novels just draw me in, and I love every single character. This concluding novel is my favorite out of the space trilogy, and the five stars are very well deserved. I  had such high expectations coming into this book, and they were met and surpassed! Here is my review!

2.) Endure by Sara B Larson
Endure is the third and final book of Larson's fantasy trilogy. I started this trilogy this year on a whim, and wasn't too impressed with the first book. However, I am so glad I continued on with the series. Every book got better as it progressed and by the time I finished Endure, I was in love with the series. I am so pleasantly surprised by Endure. Here is my series review!

3.) DIMILY Books 1 & 2 by Estelle Maskame
Estelle Maskame shocked me with her relatively new series. Did I Mention I Love You, or DIMILY for short, is a new contemporary trilogy written by Maskame, who is just a teenager! This series was actually a wattpad sensation, and I can see why! The first two books pulled me into the story and didn't let go. Eden and Tyler's relationship is so addicting, and I cannot wait to read their third and final book and get some closure! I would completely recommend this if you are in a reading slump. I have a mini review of the first book here.

4.) The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
I was so surprised that I liked The Great Gatsby as much as I do. While this is a rare instance, I am actually glad I read this for school and not just on my free time. I was able to dissect the book at a deeper level than I think I would've on my own time. Though I don't love it, I am so happy that I read it. 

And those are my favorite books so far of 2016! What are some of your favorite books of this year?

Thanks so much for stopping by and I'll see you soon with another post!

Happy Reading!

Genni @ Ready, Set, Read!


  1. Great picks! I can't wait to read Their Fractured Light!

  2. I honestly haven't been reading that much lately (so much school and finals and exams) *cries* but I'm really hoping to read more in the summer! I already own Their Fractured Light so that'll be first up -- I'm really excited for it because I LOVED the first two books so much. <3

    Cari @ My Addiction: Books

    1. I haven't been reading much lately either! I'm putting school before my blog until June when my schoolyear finishes. :) I can't wait to hear what you think! Thanks for visiting Cari!