Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Waiting on Wednesday #57

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog! I'm Genni, and today I'll be participating in Waiting on Wednesday, and meme originally created by Jill @ Breaking the Spine. Jill hasn't been active for a while, so Tressa @ Wishful Endings has adopted it! If you see posts by the name of "Can't Wait Wednesday," it's the same thing!

The book I'm looking forward to this week is MunMun by Jesse Andrews!
In an alternate reality a lot like our world, every person’s physical size is directly proportional to their wealth. The poorest of the poor are the size of rats, and billionaires are the size of skyscrapers.

Warner and his sister Prayer are destitute—and tiny. Their size is not just demeaning, but dangerous: day and night they face mortal dangers that bigger richer people don’t ever have to think about, from being mauled by cats to their house getting stepped on. There are no cars or phones built small enough for them, or schools or hospitals, for that matter—there’s no point, when no one that little has any purchasing power, and when salaried doctors and teachers would never fit in buildings so small. Warner and Prayer know their only hope is to scale up, but how can two littlepoors survive in a world built against them?

A brilliant, warm, funny trip, unlike anything else out there, and a social novel for our time in the tradition of 1984 or Invisible Man. Inequality is made intensely visceral by an adventure and tragedy both hilarious and heartbreaking.

Waiting on Wednesday

 To be honest, I was not looking forward to this book. The cover and title is weird, but once I read the synopsis, I was sold. Jesse Andrews if most known for his book Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl, which I have not read. However, this synopsis completely sold me. I love the idea of someone's wealth being proportional to their size! It's a lot more inventive than most YA fantasy/dystopia I've read. 

Are you looking forward to MunMun?

Thanks so much for stopping by and I'll see you soon with another post!

Happy Reading!

Genni @ Ready, Set, Read!


  1. That's a totally new to me one! Hope you love it once you get to read it!

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    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

    1. Thank you Jessica! I think I got denied from NG...oh well! :D I'll be picking it up when it releases. :)

  2. That book and author is totally new to me. The cover does look very interesting and I hope you´ll enjoy your pick. Thanks for sharing.
    My pick

    Best wishes
    Vi @Inkvotary

    1. Thanks Vi! I hope you enjoy your pick as well. :D