Saturday, January 25, 2020

Best 2019 Releases I've Read This Year! | 2019 Yearly Rewind

This list would have had a lot of overlap with my best fiction, non-fiction, and romance books I've read this year, so I've excluded those that I've already mentioned on the blog! So here are some that I haven't given the due diligence to, but I still think you should check out!

Meet Cute by Helena Hunting

Meet Cute is such a darling romance novel. I read this all the way back in May 2019, and I would still recommend it to this day. If you like contemporary romance that adds fandom culture with familial issues that ends on such a satisfying note. This was my first Helena Hunting novel, but it won't be my last. 

Love from A to Z by S.K. Ali 

Love from A to Z is such a wonderful, soulful book. Though a YA novel, it's perfect for anyone who wants to read a book that wonderfully balances complex issues (Islamophobia, sexism, chronic illness, grief) and a heartwarming love story. S.K. Ali is such a talented writer, and she left me wiping away tears plenty of times.

Again, But Better by Christine Riccio

When I finished Again, But Better, I was so pleasantly surprised. I've been following Christine Riccio for quite some time, but was a bit hesitant to pick up her debut novel, but I'm so thankful I did! The following are my thoughts right off the bat, and I still agree with all of them! I just might have to revisit this book as I'm applying to internships at the moment.
Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes

2019 was the year I started reading contemporary adult novels! Evvie Drake Starts Over is romance-adjacent, and though I still love love love my romance, Evvie Drake Starts Over was such a lovely little tale about starting over, forgiveness, grief, and love. Also, if you like baseball, it's got that as well!

Start Here by Trish Doller

Start Here had me wiping tears from the first chapter. The novel follows two estranged friends, Willa and Taylor, after their mutual best friend's death (Finley). Start Here is an empowering, emotional YA novel that will make you grateful for your health, happy for your friends, and looking forward to the next adventure.

Watch Over Me by Mila Gray

Watch Over Me is Mila Gray's fourth novel, and she has yet to disappoint. Gray always writes emotional, sexy romances that last long after I close the final pages. I was hooked right away, and didn't put down the book until there was nothing left. If you are looking for a passionate romance that packs an emotional punch with a strong focus on familial bonds, look no further!

Thank you so much for stopping by and I'll see you soon with another post! 

Happy Reading!

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