Thursday, January 14, 2016

Adaption Talk: Shadowhunters TV Show Pilot

Hey guys and welcome to my blog! Down below I will be discussing the pilot episode of Shadowhunters, The Mortal Cup, by going down the list f the five main characters. I liked it more than I thought. Please don't leave spoilers for the second episode! I'm just going to be waiting for next week. :) Shadowhunters exceeded expectations! Though it was really cheesy sometimes, it was so much better than that first 7 minute preview that was on youtube! 

Shadowhunters just premiered on Freeform (lol it's still ABC Family) two days ago and though it wasn't perfect, it was entertaining! I watched the show with my mom, who also watched the movie with me as well. I would say that I liked the episode and I can see myself liking the series a ton more than the movie. The actors looked like how I pictured them in my head too, which was a plus. The gifs are going to go along with my feels on the actors/actresses!

The Cast

Clary Fray - Katherine McNamara

Okay, she overacted too much. I felt like she just tried too hard and the fact that she had some of the worst lines in the episode didn't help either. She does have a lot of potential and promise though. I can see her getting really compelling about halfway through the first season. I can't deal with her hair though. It's just so obviously fake..why can't it be darker?? Minute detail, but I know it will bother me until I get more used to it. 

Jace Wayland - Dominic Sherwood
I don't know whether or not I like Dom as Jace. He looks a lot more like the Jace I picture in my head when I read the books, but he doesn't have the attitude down yet. He seems really stilted and uncomfortable with the sass the Jace embodies, so hopefully that will get better! If it doesn't, I don't see myself fully convinced that he is Jace. I'm freakishly hopeful for him!

Alec Lightwood - Matthew Daddario
There wasn't enough scenes with Alec for me to get a feel for him yet. There really isn't any of the parabatai chemistry between Alec and Jace yet. They didn't seem like bffs, and I wish they did! Fingers crossed they will in the later episodes! I don't have a real opinion of him, so instead here's a gif of him and Magnus! <3 They're the real OTP of the series, not Clary and Jace!

Isabelle Lightwood - Emeraude Toubia
Once again, there weren't too many scenes with Isabelle in the pilot, as it focused mainly on Clary. But Isabelle is (dare I say it?) NICE! It is super weird that Isabelle isn't her hating self yet. Emeraude does look exactly like Isabelle, which is really nice! I hated though how they used her body as a distraction instead of Isabelle being a BAMF. 

Simon Lewis - Alberto Rosende 
Okay, Simon is my favorite! You can tell the actor has a really genuine passion for the series and he really portrayed Simon so well! If he was great in the pilot, I cannot wait to see how he grows in the pilot! This gif perfectly portrays my excitement for Alberto playing Simon! He was amazing! Roberto deserves alllll the claps. 

I wouldn't say that I really liked the pilot, but I liked it, you know? My mom really liked it and I appreciated how I didn't have to explain anything to her. It was easy to follow and even though the show will be a lot different from the books, I am looking forward to see where they will take it! I really liked the actor who played Valentine; he was perfect!

Okay here's some random thoughts that I just had to put out there.. Can we also talk about how the pilot ended? Clary's choice between Jace or Simon was supposed to be a cliffhanger??? Haha!! Like the episode just ended and I was like... that's it? Also, the CGI was rough but I didn't really care because they obviously won't have enough money until it gets more popular. The Circle members just looked like grade A bad guys but didn't have that air around them were I was worried. After the first scene with them in it my mom asked whether or not they were bad guys, so they obviously didn't seem bad

So yeah! Those were my thoughts on the pilot for the Shadowhunter TV show! What did you think about it?

Thanks guys for stopping by and I'll see you soon with another post!

Happy Reading!

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  1. I watched this online the other day and I like it more than I expected to, especially after seeing the movie and the promos that had been released. I'm not sold on the two playing Clary and Jace yet, but the rest seem okay so far. Like you said, Clary's hair is so unnatural looking. As a natural red head myself, I know there can be all sorts of shades of the color, but not this one. I thought I had heard that McNamara is a red head herself and had to dye her hair from blonde to red for this part. The guy playing Jace doesn't have the tone down yet. Hopefully things get better over the course of the show, but it was a pretty decent pilot. Really interested to see where they go with the show, and finding out where else it will differ. By the way, what did you think of the Institute being made into some sort of CIA headquarters?

    1. I agree with you! Dom doesn't have the tone down for Jace yet. I like the way he looks though, so hopefully the personality of Jace will shine through soon. I'm glad to know that I am not the only one who doesn't like Clary's hair! I looked it up and she definitely does have natural red hair, it just isn't as bright. I thought the pilot was decent, so I have high hopes! I don't like the Institute being so high-techy! It is just so weird that there are so many people there and that there is so much technology. I don't like you?

      Thanks for commenting Lauren! :D

    2. I like how the books are in regards to the tech, but who knows maybe they'll make it work to the shop's advantage.

  2. Love this discussion! I definitely agree about Kat. It took me while to figure out what it was that didn't sit right but you hit the nail on the head with how she tried too hard and that made everything seem over the top and often awkward to watch.
    I'm not at all hopeful for Dom as Jace ahah. He clearly wasn't comfortable with the character and it was glaringly obvious that a lot was also forced. Same with the bad guys that felt generic. When we see more of them I think that will improve, just like Alec & Isabelle (though the book versions will remain my favourite)
    Simon and Valentine were perfect *thumbs up* that ending was not *thumbs down*
    I'm hoping it will improve in episodes to come, either way though I'm excited to continue talking about it :D
    Enchanted by YA