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Adaption Talk: Thoughts While Watching Shadowhunters S1 E3

Hey guys! I'm Genni and today I'll be talking about the third episode of the Shadowhunters TV show. What I did was just listeed my thoughts as the episode went on. I really liked doing this, and if you do as well, I'll be continuing it! I probably won't be doing it for every episode, but every few.

1.) Clary and Jace actually have some chemistry together, but their scene learning about the seraph blade was pretty cheesy.

2.) Meliorn looks so gross it's not even funny. What happened to the Seelie being the most beautiful beings ever?

3.) "Oh my god. They're vampires." Well yes Clary, that would be expected out of blood sucking creatures that have fangs.

4.) Clary and Jace? Have you ever heard a personal bubble? You literally just met him..STOP.

5.) This is Camille, right? I never pictured her like this at all..

6.) Isabelle isn't subtle at all when she's fishing for information. I don't appreciate how they are making Isabelle so sexualized she doesn't even have a personality. 

7.) "You remind me of me, Alec. A loyal friend standing in the shadow...Don't make the same mistake I did..." Pretty good scene between Hodge and Alec. I liked the subtle foreshadowing.

8.) How could Jace have expected Clary to not fall under the vampires charms? She was raised as a mundane! I thought mundanes were supposed to be the ignorant ones. 

9.) I don't feel comfortable seeing Simon make out this much. Haha!

10.) "We've been breached." You're in a hotel, not a freaking war camp. Are they seriously doing this to Simon so easily into the season?

11.) I love Simon! Alberto is the best actor on this show so far. This is my face whenever there is a scenes with Alberto. 

12.) The scene with Clary and Jace are some of Dom's strongest so far. He's definitely improved since the first show, but he's still pretty bad. 

13.) Clary :"You've never been bitten? You've never been in love.." Jace:"...It fades, just like love." Oh god here I think Jace and Clary scenes are strong but then they have cheesy lines like this.

14.) Oh god the graphics for the vampires erupting are so bad. Why do we have to see a skeleton in some orange sparkles?

15.) "You really know how to hurt a guy." Random vampire, you have no idea. :D *cue Simon's heartbreak*

16.) Wow, I really do appreciate some slow mo walking in a pack. Not. The cheese factor in this show is off the charts.

17.) This scene actually makes me feel nervous. They have changed so much of the books, that it makes me intrigued because I don't even know what is going to happen. 

18.) "Jace Wayland! Remember who your friends are." Is that foreshadowing for what happens with Hodge?

19.) I low key ship Clary and Simon together on the show even though I hate a romantic relationship with them in the books. This unrequited love makes me feel so bad for Simon. It's probably because Clary has way more chemistry with Simon right now. 

20.) We all know that Alec hates Clary so much because he's trying to protect Jace and he's jealous. I'm over it. I already read a whole entire book with Alec being an ass-hat and I'd rather not have to do it all over again. 

21.) We're finally seeing a scene that makes it seem as if Alec and Jace are parabatai. Thank goodness! Also, Alec is totally looking at Jace's lips in this shot of the episode!

22.) Wow, that pumping vein. Way to be subtle, really. I'm excited to see Alberto in those scenes!

So yeah, I definitely had my issues with the episode, but it was a lot better than the first two for me. Dominic Sherwood, the actor who plays Jace, improved a lot this episode in comparison. The CGI was still really bad, but it's a minute detail. My favorite aspect still remains Alberto. He's the strongest actor so far in the series, and I think it is because at the time of filming, he was the only one who read all the books. You can tell he has a full feel of the character.

Though they made a lot of changes in the series, the plot still interests me even if they are doing everything in the wrong order. I feel like if I watched this series without reading the books, I would be more into the series.

Here's a gif that wraps up all my thoughts!

What did you guys think of the third episode of Shadowhunters? Have you decided to stop or continue with the series?

Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you soon with another post!

Happy Reading!

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  2. I actually haven't gotten a chance to watch Shadowhunters yet, but I really want to! I need to find a day to clear my schedule and watch the first few episodes...

    1. I hope you like it when you watch it! I'm definitely not-picking the tv series because I've recently read one of the books. I feel like if I wasn't as far into the series as I am, I wouldn't be having as many issues. I am super glad it's getting a lot of attention! I want a second season. Thanks for comment Erika! :)

  3. I LOVE SHADOWHUNTERS SO MUCH!! I think I might be the only person who really loves it. I think it's done complete justice to the books, and I'm so excited for Wednesdays with a new episode! Simon is just the cutest (though he did get a tad annoying?), and I love the actor for him. Izzy slays, and I think she's written really well (also, isn't the actress just the most beautiful human ever?!).

    ALEC IS MY FAVE. I love him. My favourite character from the books, and easily my favourite in the show, too. Matthew Daddario is HOT AF, ad he's just such a cinnamon roll... but he's treated too badly! Everyone is mean to him. He deserves better, but i think the show will treat him well. (I hope!!).

    I loved hearing your thoughts on the episodes, Genni! I hope you keep sharing it with us. Thank you! ☺
    Denise | The Bibliolater

    1. Hey Denise! Thanks for such the wonderful comment!:D

      It's so refreshing to see someone who really likes the TV show after hearing negative things from so many people! I'm starting to really get into it and I'm also looking forward to the show! Oh my gosh, the actress who plays Isabelle is stunning! Can she get anymore beautiful?!

      I haven't seen enough of Alec to really get an opinion, but he seems really good! It definitely doesn't hurt that he's easy on the eyes. ;) The one that I think is super adorable is actually Simon! He's just so adorable and he's totally my fictional boyfriend from the series! Alec is always pushed aside, so hopefully we'll see him more in the spotlight! I'm so excited for him and Magnus!

      Thanks so much Denise!

  4. I've seen the first two episodes and most of the third. It's all right so far... I agree with you that Clary and Jace really don't have much chemistry at all and I cringed when Jace started 'teaching' Clary how to use the sword. It was just so awkward and went on for a weirdly long amount of time. One of the other things that's bugging me about this series is how sexual everything is turning out to be. In this last episode, basically all of the conflict was based in sexuality! Some is perfectly fine but this is toeing the line. Maybe I'm still clinging to the way it was in the books though :) I'm SO glad we finally got a scene about Jace and Alec being parabati though!! That's probably my favorite scene out of the whole series right now! Hopefully it'll get better with time :)

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. Hey Laura! Thanks for such the awesome comment!

      I really agree with you about everything being so sexual. I've read four of the books, and have yet to feel as if I am reading something sexy. I do think that because they have been aged up is a big reason for why it is so sexual. I didn't expect it to have so many sexual undertones, so when I am watching it with my mom I feel as if it is toeing the line between appropriate and not. That teaching scene..oh gosh! I wasn't paying too much attention to it when it was happening, so I didn't get the full cringe factor that some viewers did. I'm so excited to see more scenes with Jace and Alec. I want to see more of Alec in the TV show! That's what I'm hoping as well! The first season is definitely the weakest of most TV shows because it is still getting its footing. Fingers crossed that Shadowhunters is the same way!

  5. Haha! I like what you've done with this post. I agree with most of i. Alberto is definitely the best of the group so far. Agreed that there is still hope. :)

    1. Thanks Lauren! He's still my favorite out of the cast right now. I'm excited to see what happens in the second season. Also, sorry that I didn't respond for so long!! I feel so bad!