Sunday, September 4, 2016


Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog! I got a bit better at reading this last month, and I was able to get through 8 books. I'm still seven books behind schedule, but I am planning on reading some graphic novels (and possibly children's books) to help me out.

Here are the 8 books I read, from worst to best!

8.) The Kiss of Deception by Mary E Pearson
Don't get me wrong, I liked this YA fantasy debut. However, I didn't LOVE it, which was my expectation. Lia was a good narrator, but I became easily bored easily. I would have liked to have more development about the culture and the mysterious 'gift'. 3.25 Stars!

7.) Gathering Frost by Kaitlyn Davis
I'm sad to say that Gathering Frost is not as good as its companion sequel, which I read earlier this year. Gathering Frost was an interesting read, but it didn't hold my attention as much as Withering Rose did. I am glad I read it, though! 3.5 Stars!

6.) Lumberjanes by Noelle Stevenson
Lumberjanes is the first graphic novel I have read in years. I didn't know what I was expecting, but I had such a fun time reading it. While I didn't love it by any means, I am looking forward to getting the second volume! I'll have to pick it up at my local-ish store. 3.5 Stars!

5.) City of a Thousand Dolls by Miriam Forster
This was quite a surprise. I didn't think that I would enjoy City of a Thousand Dolls as much as I did. The YA fantasy also had hints of mystery, and I loved solving it along with Nisha, the main character. Nisha's narration was one of the key aspects of my enjoyment level. 3.5 Stars!

4.) Keeping Her Secret by Sarah Nicolas
I received Keeping Her Secret via Netgalley last month, so expect a review soon! In short, Keeping Her Secret was a great LGBTQ+ novel, but there was something lacking that kept me from loving it. 3.75 Stars!

3.) The Problem with Forever by Jennifer L. Armentrout 
Jennifer L. Armentrout is a go-to author of mine. While I don't love all of her books, The Problem with Forever is one of my favorites by her! This is her first foray into a YA contemporary (that's not a thriller), and it exceeded my expectations. I can't wait for more. 4.25 Stars!

2.) Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
I had to read Brave New World for my English class. While I didn't love it, I do think it holds a lot of literary merit, which is why it is so high on this list. It is frightening to see how many parallels we have to this dystopian world. 4 Stars!
1.) The Revolution of Ivy by Amy Engel
Last but not least is The Revolution of Ivy! This is the conclusion to the Book of Ivy duology. Everything I wanted to happen, did. It seems that I have the unpopular opinion though, as it the first book has a much higher rating than this conclusion. 4.25 Stars!

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And that is my August Wrap Up! What did you read last month?

Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you soon with another post!

Happy Reading!

Genni @ Ready, Set, Read!


  1. I haven't read the Book of Ivy series yet, but it's been bumped up on my TBR now! Yes, JLA is a fantastic author, isn't she? I love all her works!

    1. I'm glad that it's been bumped out! I love duologies, and they are pretty hard to find in the YA world! I'm actually about to read the third book in the Covenant series. Her writing is so addicting. :D

  2. I'm so glad you liked "Brave New World". It was one of my favorite classics and really does have a lot of literary merit and makes you question our future.

    1. It is definitely one of the classics that will stick with me and that I will randomly think of now and again!

  3. Lumberjanes looks fun. I liked Nimona by that author. :-)
    Happy September!

    1. It was! It was just so cute and fluffy. I've heard pretty good things about Nimona, but I don't actually know what it is about! I'll have to do my research. :D You too Freda!

  4. I haven't heard of most of these! I love the cover of Gathering Frost. I liked The Kiss of Deception and The Heart of Betrayal, but not so much book three. :/ Hopefully you have another great month in reading!

    Have a fantastic week, Gennifer. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. I have to admit, the cover of Gathering Frost is one of my favorites for this month! I remember your book review for the third book! It's one of the reasons I'm so hesitant to continue on with the series. If I didn't love the first book, what will my thoughts be on the third? Whether or not I will be reading the sequels is up in the air!

      Thanks, Alyssa!! You too. :D

  5. One of these days I will have to get to Brave New World!

    1. I think you would really like it, Lauren! It a classic sci-fi! :D

  6. The Kiss of deception looks good, I've always thought those books look good since their covers are so nice. I've seen good reviews and some they were just okay reviews, so that's good to know.

    I've heard good things about Lumberjanes. I haven't been reading many graphic novels lately, I'd like to get back into those.

    1. I think it's a solid book. It also looks like a lot of people have enjoyed the sequels more! Lumberjanes was so cute! I'm glad that it was what reintroduced me into graphic novels.

  7. I have been meaning to re-read The Kiss of Deception now that the series is all published, I remember really enjoying it the first time, mainly because of the 'boy mystery' so I am intrigued to see if the storyline itself will keep me reading the sequels.

    The Book of Ivy duolgy is one I keep meaning to buy, glad to see you enjoyed it.

    Thank you for stopping by Hills of Books

    1. I was spoiled about the 'boy mystery' before I read the book, so that didn't really intrigue me, unfortunately. I hope you like the sequels!

      I hope you get to The Book of Ivy eventually! It's really great. 😄