Sunday, March 26, 2017

Mini Reviews #4 - Mermaids, Stepsiblings, and Bounty Hunters!

Hey everyone!! Long time no see! It's been quite some time since I posted (more than a week!) and I felt like there was a piece of me missing. I didn't realize how blogging was such a part of my life and who I am until I didn't have the time to blog. School is the busiest it has ever been for me, and I can't seem to catch a break. 

Well today I finally have some free time, so I'll be doing mini reviews of the books I have recently read.

1) Dark Tide by Jennifer Donnelly
Dark Tide is the third book in Donnelly's Waterfire Saga, and the second to last book in the series. This series keeps getting better with each book. Each of the six main girls (Ava, Becca, Sera, Neela, Astrid, and Ling) are getting closer to the end, and are gaining in strength and wisdom. This series is chock-full of girl power in this book, and I absolutely love it. The strong friendships and lack of sexist ideals really makes this book for me. My only problem was that there were two romances introduced in the book, and though they were cute, they gave off an insta-love feel. Though it wasn't actually insta-love, there are only a couple scenes before the couples are completely enamored with each other, which made it feel like it was. Nevertheless, I completely recommend this fantasy series! 4.5 Stars

2) Did I Mention I Miss You? by Estelle Maskame
Did I Mention I Miss You? is the third and final book in Maskame's DIMILY trilogy. This series has followed Tyler and Eden, step siblings who fight against their attraction for each other (and give in plenty of times) throughout the series. This book was pretty much the perfect conclusion. I absolutely love Tyler and Eden together, and this book just showcased how perfect they are for each other. My only complaint is lack of kissing scenes! There are only like two or three in the whole book because the plot is more focused on acceptance and forgiveness. But a girl still wants to read a good kissing scene here and there! 4.25 Stars

3) The Edge of Everything by Jeff Giles
The Edge of Everything is a new 2017 release! I wouldn't say that this book was great, but it was good. I had a really fun time buddy reading this with Clare over at Dual Reads. I think this book had a great balance between fantasy and contemporary, and I'm looking forward to delving into both of the worlds in the sequel! My compliant was the instalove and some of Zoe's decision making skills. Sometimes I just couldn't connect with her as a character. With the events at the end though, I am highly anticipating the sequel! 3.5 Stars

Have you read any of these three or are planning to?

Thanks so much for stopping by and I'll see you soon with another post!

Happy Reading!

Genni @ Ready, Set, Read!


  1. I totally get missing blogging and the struggle of balancing school and blogging (and sometimes work for me!). It can get a bit stressful sometimes. I have to say though, I'm really glad I have blogging in my life because it helps break up the monotony of doing homework all the time :)

    I haven't started the Waterfire Saga yet but I've heard it's pretty good and I haven't read many books with mermaids so I'm hoping to read it sometime this year! Lovely reviews, Genni!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. I cant even imagine working right now! Once I start working, I'm going to have to plan and schedule if I want to blog normally. :) I completely agree. One of my favorite things about blogging is that is is different every day!

      I highly recommend it! The books go by so quickly because of how fast paced they are. Thank you!

  2. Of these, I definitely plan on trying The Edge of Everything. :)

    Great mini reviews, Genni!

    1. Yay! It was such a blast to read even though I got annoyed here and here.

      Thanks Lauren! :)

  3. I just couldn't get into the Edge of Everything - the instant love was a really big turn off for me, but I didn't know there was going to be a sequel? I would be curious to read it as I liked the idea of the worlds and it would be cool to get some more backstory on X :)

    1. I say in my post that I'm highly anticipating the sequel, but Edge of Everything has lost its luster in the months since! I've forgotten a lot of the plot, and the insta-love was a problem for me too. I did enjoy knowing more about X! I wish that the book focused more on him and not Zoey, to be honest!