Wednesday, September 12, 2018

What I'll Be Reading This Fall Semester!

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog! I'm Genni, and today I'll be talking about all the books I know (for certain) that I'm going to be reading this fall semester. Some of you might not be in school, but I am! I attend University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and my school year is now in full swing!

If you don't know, I'm a double major! I study both English and Women and Gender Studies. This semester, I'm finishing up some of my gen eds. I'm taking my last math class - yay!- and taking my required fitness class, which I'm really looking forward to. Other than those two classes, I'm taking some classes that really pique my interest. With all those classes, comes textbooks and required reading.

Today I'll be sharing the books I'll be reading this upcoming semester!

  1. EVERYTHING by Jane Austen
    Our Lady Jane!
    1.  okay, okay, maybe not everything but I am reading a ton of Austen this semester! I'm taking class solely focused on Jane Austen. The list includes...
      1. Pride and Prejudice
      2. Sense and Sensibility
      3. Emma
      4. Mansfield Park
      5. Persuasion
      6. Love and Friendship
      7. Lady Susan 
    2. When it comes to required reading, I have a bad habit of skimming near the end or my attention wavering. I know if I really take my time and pay attention, I'll enjoy the books and get much more out of the class! 
  2. EVERYTHING by Shakespeare
    check out Will's earring!
    1. now you're thinking, "really Genni, everything by Shakespeare??" Like obviously not everything under the sun that Shakespeare has written, but a good chunk of it! 
    2. On the syllabus we're reading:
      1.   A Midsummer Night's Dream
      2.  Much Ado About Nothing
      3.  Measure for Measure
      4.  The First Part of Henry the Fourth
      5.  The Life of King Henry the Fifth
      6.  Romeo and Juliet
      7.  Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
      8.  Macbeth 
    3. I am happy that we are focusing on Shakespeare's plays instead of sonnets. I just studies his sonnets last year, so I didn't want to do it all over again! 
    4. I have already read some of these during my schooling. I've read Romeo and Juliet in 7th grade, and then again as a freshman at high school. I also read A Midsummer Night's Dream in middle school, and Hamlet and Macbeth senior year of high school. I am looking forward to reading the others ones, though!
  3. Latinx Literature
    • I'm taking a class this semester named "Latino/Latina Literature," which is pretty self explanatory. I haven't delved into Latinx literature, so I think it'll be great to read about another culture! Some of the books include:
Besides those books, plays, etc., that I've listed, there are of course...textbooks! I'm reading two for a poli class I'm taking, one for my fitness class, and two for a class focused on gender and sexuality in Africa. In the first three weeks of university, I've already read A Midsummer Night's Dream, Love and Firendship, Lady Susan, Sense and Sensibility, and the majoirty of the Cha Cha Files

I do love reading, but all of this assigned reading has meant by "fun" reading has been on the back burner. I've been able to find a good balance by reading the books when I need a break from homework, but I have yet to regularly incorporate blogging into the day! I think I'll figure it out this September though. :)  

Are you in school this year? What books are you reading? What have been some of your favorite required reaidngs?

Thanks so much for stopping by and I'll see you soon with another post!

Happy Reading!

Genni @ Ready, Set, Read!


    1. I can't remember any Latinx books that were required reading when I was at university which is a problem.

      Have a great semester!

      1. Honestly, I haven't encountered any until the class I'm taking. I'm thankful UNC has such a wide variety of classes, because it allows me to read outside of what I gravitate towards.

        Thank you Amber Elise! :)

    2. I went from hating Shakespeare and Austen to LOVING them! Hope you enjoy! You should totally binge all the Austen movies too ;) Although that would require a lot of time, haha.

      YAY for finishing maths!! I hate that subject so freaking much. High five!

      1. I never hated them, but I always disliked being forced to read them. I'm actually enjoying myself a lot!

        I'm watching several Jane Austen movies for the class, actually! So far I've watched Love and Friendship, Ang Lee's Sense and Sensibility, and From Prada to Nada. My Shakespeare class doesn't require us to watch the movies, but if we want to make up a quiz, we can watch one of the film adaptations and write a report on it. :)

        I hate maths as well! I'm hoping for a good grade so my GPA won't be hurt, though.

        Thanks for stopping by Amy! :D

    3. Good luck this semester! Those classes sound fun - a whole class on Jane Austen! My 9th grade English teacher was a big Shakespeare buff, so we read a lot that year, we even had to memorize and recite whole parts of a play!

      1. Thank you Angela!! The Jane Austen class is a lot of work, but it's fun! That sounds pretty challenging for a 9th grade class. I can't imagine reciting whole parts!

    4. Happy reading this semester, Genni! Good luck with Shakespeare - it's quite different studying the his work at college level so those you're already familiar with might feel totally different. :) Do you know if you'll get to see any of those plays on stage?

      1. Thank you! You hit it right on the nose! I just reread A Midsummer Night's Dream for the class, and appreciated it much more than my 12 year old self. :)

        I don't think I'll see any of them on stage. At least, it's not required for the class! There might be some performances in the area, but I'll have to check!