Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Book Review: Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

Maybe Someday was a dream come true!

This novel has definitely solidified Hoover as one of my favorite authors. Her stories are compelling, addictive, and soul-searching. The way Hoover writes is mesmerizing. Right from the start of the novel I felt so  connected to Sydney and Ridge. 

I think the best way to go into Hoover's novel is to not know much at all. All you need to know before reading Maybe Someday is that it follows two young adults, Ridge and Sydney, and what happens after Sydney moves in with him and two other people after she finds out her boyfriend cheats on her. Maybe Someday did so many things to my heart. It kept breaking it and putting it back together again time and time again. I was so anxious to see how the novel was going to end! I couldn't put down Maybe Someday  until I finished. 

Not only is the story captivating, but so are the songs that go along with the story. Throughout the book, Ridge and Sydney both write songs for a band named Sounds of Cedar. Not only are the lyrics in the novel itself, but there is actually music to go along with it. These songs are amazing. It's really cool to decipher the lyrics and actually know what the song is about instead of trying to figure it out. You should definitely check out the website here! The next time I get a gift card to amazon, I am buying the CD to this book. The songs are to die for and they hold so much emotion; they're so much better than what I expected when I just read the lyrics. One of my favorite quotes from the book is from the titular song, Maybe Someday that says, "For her I bend, for you I break." When I read that, my heart did things I didn't even know that they can do.  

Needless to say, I loved practically everything about the book! The pacing was just the way I like it, the characters developed so much, and the ending was spectacular. Ridge, Sydney, and even Maggie are some of my favorite characters to date and they all grew so much. In the novel when Ridge accepts that he has feelings for two completely different girls and how his heart was split in two, I felt the same way. Ridge himself is seriously my dream guy. He's so romantic and thoughtful. Not only his he a great friend, he's just an overall great person who puts so many people before himself. There were so many scenes where I completely loved the dynamic of each relationship. Throughout the story, the characters grow so much and I found it amazing how authentic the story was! There are definitely some life lessons that can be taken out of this novel.

The twists in this book are priceless. There is something revealed only about 50 to 75 pages in that I was blown away about. I never saw it coming, and it added a lot more depth and intrigue into the novel. Once I read that, I was so much more excited to see how things would work out. The plot is filled with non-stop action that left me breathless. There are so many reveals and heated moments that I never wanted to put this book down. The dynamics between Ridge and Sydney were amazing; there are so many scenes where they are so close to crossing the line from friendship into something more, and it kept me on my toes the whole entire time. Let me just say this: the scene with the pen at Sydney's new apartment killed me. You'll understand if you have read the book, and if you haven't, you have so much to look forward to.

I'm pretty much speechless over this book. There's is nothing that really irritated me, expect for how much Sydney cried. That one tiny thing is all I can complain about, and the rest is perfection. Maybe Someday is by far the most up-beat, fun, and happy novels out of the ones I have read by Colleen Hoover. There are devastating reveals, but this work is definitely the lightest out of all of them. This book did so many things to my emotions and I loved it so pieces. Even if you haven't liked Colleen's other works, you must check this one out. Seriously, I'm fangirling so hard on this book right now because it is a masterpiece. I adore it!

Overall, this novel was amazing! I see why people recommend Maybe Someday as the first Colleen Hoover book to read, but I'm happy that I read some others before I picked this one up. The music aspect was amazing and really drew me into the story. I loved the plot and the idea that you could be in love with two people at the same time. I think if I were to compare this to the rest of Hoovers books, this would be my favorite with Hopeless and Confess tied for second and Slammed coming in last. I've loved all of Hoover'a works before and she has definitely become an auto buy and auto read author of mine!! This novel was near perfect for me and solidified Hoover has one of my favorite authors. A must read for anyone who is a fan or young adult or new adult!! 

With that, I give this book
4.9 out of 5 Stars!

P.S. Sorry for such the ranty "I love this book so much OMG" type of review I did. I don't think I can actually put together a review capable of explaining how much I loved this book and I kind of just wrote anything that came to mind. Haha!

What's your favorite Colleen Hoover book? Or new adult novel for that matter? Thanks for stopping by and hope you will again!

- Genni from Ready, Set, Read!

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