Monday, August 31, 2015

Mini Review! (#1)

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog! Today, I'm going to be doing something new. Since my last review, I have read quite a lot of books and right now I don't have enough to time to post a full review that I will be proud of. I just started my junior year in high school, but I am going to try my hardest to post at least twice a week.

Since reading Deliverance, I've read 7 more novels and one novella. However, I won't be talking about Cell Phone Swap since I'm going to include that in my second Wattpad review post. I am also planning on doing a series review of The Sweet Trilogy by Wendy Higgins, so I'm not going to mention those as well.

The first book I read was The Beginning of Never by O.E. Boroni. I did a full review of this book, so if you want to check out just click the link above! Overall, I liked the book, but I didn't love it. There were some problems I had with the book, but the second book in the trilogy was so much better. If you're hesitant to pick this up or didn't like the first book, I would still recommend the series to you guys. It isn't perfect, but the second book was such a vast improvement to the first.

After reading The Beginning of Never,I wanted to read something that I knew I was going to love no matter what. I recently just read Maybe Someday (Check out my fangirl review here!) and I was itching to pick up Maybe Not, which is a novella focused on two side characters from the original novel, Warren and Bridgette. It was so cute and funny and I could not get enough of it! If Colleen Hoover just suddenly released a full length novel of them, I would buy it in a heartbeat. I didn't love it as much as I loved Maybe Someday, but I loved it nonetheless and gave it 4.6 stars. Definitely check it out if you liked either Warren or Bridgette in Maybe Someday or want to read something of Hoover's that's lighter than what she normally puts out.

Once I finished Maybe Not, I felt the need to finish a series. So I picked up Opposition, final book in the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout, and was sucked into a black hole of reading. Anything that Armentrout puts out is super addicting and fast paced. I could not put Oppositon down for the life of me! It is by far my favorite of all five books. The Lux series isn't my favorite, but Opposition heightened my view of the series by far. I gave this book around 4 stars. If you're looking for a series that you won't be able to put down that features sassy humans and aliens, then this is the one for you. Don't be intimidated by the length of the series - it's super fun and quick!

After the amazing read that was Opposition, I decided to pick up the sequel to The Beginning of Never. I was a bit hesitant reading it's sequel because I was a bit disappointed with the first one. The Way to Never, however, blew me away. There is a significant time jump between the two books, but it was done so well! I really liked The Way to Never in comparison to the first. Though I still had some issues with the novel, they were minor compared to the first one. The ending of this book killed me! I am dying for the next and final book! If you didn't like the first book but are a bit curious to see what happens, then I would still say to pick this one up.

I picked up Sweet Evil and Sweet Peril as well by Wendy Higgins, but I'll be doing a full series review soon! Afterwards, I read a book for school that I am pretty sure was a form of slow torture. Next, I read a book on Wattpad which I will also be reviewing!

Have you read any of these books above? What book have you read recently that blew your mind?

Thanks for stopping by!

~Genni from Ready, Set, Read!


  1. I want to read Opposition so bad, even though I haven't even read Origin (haha)
    I'm glad you were enjoying your reads!
    Alex @ Book Chick

  2. Thanks Alex! Yeah, it surprised me how quick I got through the series! I randomly picked up the second one this summer and then I just needed to read the rest. Origin is definitely one of my favorites out of the five.

    Happy Reading!!