Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Book Review: The Crystal Key (Starjumper Legacy #1) by Christopher Bailey

The Crystal Key fell right in the middle for me.

The Crystal Key is the first in a series that follows the story of Allie Bennett. She receives this mysterious gift from her adoptive mother. Her best friend (who also is her secret crush), Dav, and his brother seem to also know more than they let on. Unbeknownst to Allie, she holds the gift that will introduce her to a whole other world more intricate and complex than she could ever imagine.

This beginning novel of Bailey's series wasn't amazing, but not bad either. For me, the pros and cons equaled each other out. The main character, Allie, was only thirteen in this novel, so she came out more juvenile than I normally read. She complained about a lot more trivial things than I anticipated and focused more on her issues than the whole entire galaxy. There was this one scene where Allie puts her needs before literally everyone else's in the galaxy, and I just couldn't believe that she would do that. I guess her self preservation instinct is more prevalent than mine?

However, there were some scenes that made me want to keep on reading! The last half of the novel was much more stronger than the first half. There were some major battle like scenes that took place that kept me on the edge of my seat. One of my favorite things about the novel was the diversity in character personalities and types of being.

Being in astronomy class right now, there were several times where I was just geeking out about stuff. Vehicles moving faster than the speed of light? Wormholes? Other planets that humans could live on? Other sentient life? My inner (it's not so inner) geek was freaking out. I just kept thinking, "This would be so amazing if we had this!"

My biggest complaint is that I just didn't connect to the characters that much. I found them to be a bit 'blah' most of the time and the only thing I was semi-passionate about was the budding realtionship between Dev and Allie. I don't necessarily know if it was just me as a reader, or the book in general.

I'm still on the fence with continuing this series. I am interested in seeing where the plot goes, but the question that remains is how am I going to get the book.

With that, I give this book

3 out of 5 Stars!

Favorite Quote

"He promptly decided that humans had no right to judge another person based on skin coloring until they had seen someone walk by with infrared skin and ultraviolet hair so bright that it was physically painful to directly look at."

Have you guys heard of this book? What are some of your favorite books set in space?
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