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Review: Dark Elements Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Hey guys and welcome back to my blog! Today I'll be doing mini reviews of the last two books and the one novella that comprises the Dark Elements series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I was going to be doing full reviews of Stone Cold Touch and Every Last Breath, the second and third books in the series, but I read them really close together and couldn't help but mention one with the other. Not only did I read the last two books in the Dark Elements series, but the novella as well. Make sure to check out my full review of the first book ,White Hot Kiss, here! 

Stone Cold Touch

Stone Cold Touch was so much fun! We definitely see the "New Moon Syndrome" where the love interest stays away from the girl to "protect" her. I thought it was really obvious what Roth was doing, and it was refreshing that Layla picked up on it as well and didn't just mope around. Though I like Roth with Layla a lot more than Zayne, seeing her in a relationship with him was really eye opening. In this book, we see more of a focus on Zayne, and I did come to really like his character. His love for Layla is so pure and his intentions are really good. The one thing I didn't like about this book was it seemed as if Layla was jerking these two guys around. She says that she doesn't know if the others love her like she loves them, but come on. I wish she had made a decision in this book instead of the third. The 'twist' didn't really surprise me either. Even though I saw it coming, it was done really well, so I can't complain too much. The last twenty percent of the novel was so good! I didn't expect what happened to Layla in that last portion, so I was on the edge of my seat. Overall, it was a really fun novel that kept me on my toes. I gave this novel 4.25 stars. My problems were only minor and I did like this one just a bit more than the first.

Every Last Breath

Concluding novels are really hard to do, but Jennifer L. Armentrout knows how to write a good one! The aspect that I liked the most of this was that Layla made her decision between Roth and Zayne fairly quickly and there was no question about it through the majority of the novel. I was really happy with who Layla picked and loved all their cutesy moments.  At the end of the book, we see promise of these two other couples, and I really liked it! My only main issue with this book is that I didn't care about the Lilith that much. I was to the point that I knew that the good guys would prevail and all that. The turning point for me is when Roth lost one of his familiars. After that, I got more into the novel. There are so many scenes in the book that I loved and I had a ton of bookmarks on my e-reader when I borrowed an copy from my digital library. This book isn't just happy go lucky for the majority. Just like the last book, I cried a little a couple times. It was a really great concluding novel that ended in a way that I really liked. I gave this novel 4.25 stars. There was also this excerpt for Jennifer L. Armentrout's upcoming novel, The Problem with Forever, and it was SO GOOD! I can't wait to read it next year! 

Bittersweet Love

After finishing the series, I still wanted one little last taste of the world and saw that Bittersweet Love was available at my library as well! Bittersweet Love was everything I needed after reading Every Last Breath. It had that fun aspect that was lost a bit in Every Last Breath, and I really adored it. This novella tells the story of Dez and Jasmine, who are married with twins in the main three books of the series. Seeing them get together was so cute and I absolutely loved their story. I think it was a good length too. The novella really gave me some insight on the Warden life, considering Layla was always ostracized from that. I gave the novella 4 stars!

Overall, the series was is one of my favorites and I know that whenever I feel a reading slump coming on, I can read a little portion of any of the three novels or the novella and get right back into reading. I actually liked this series more than the Lux series and would recommend it for anyone who likes Aremntrout's other works or paranormal romance. I had some minor issues with it, but it was a really great series and has solidified Jennifer L Armentrout as one of my go-to authors. 

That's it for today guys! What is your favorite book by Jennifer L. Armentrout? Have you read this series or her Lux series? If so, tell me what your thoughts were!

Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you guys soon with another post!

Happy Reading!

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