Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Top Five Wednesday: My Favorite Posts

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today I am participating in Top Five Wednesday, a weekly meme hosted by Samantha from Thoughts on Tomes. The topic for this week includes some shameless self promotion. Today I am highlighting my favorite posts I have done so far on my blog!

5.) Adaption Talk: Shadowhunters S1E9- Rise Up
Okay, this might seem out of nowhere, but I adore my Adaption Talk posts. They might not get the most traffic or comments, but I have so much fun doing them. This is my favorite out of all of them just because I feel like my personality really shines through in this one. I'm so glad I started doing these types of posts on my blog and I will for sure continue them!

4.) Liebster Award!
The Liebster Award isn't the first award that I received (that would be the One Lovely Blog Award), but it is one where I feel like my personality shines through the most. I always like it when I can include fun facts about myself with my readers. I hate feeling so disconnected and impersonal, and the Liebster Award did the opposite of that. Plus, being nominated for an award makes me feel so loved by the community, and this was no exception. Thanks again Lauren! <3

3.) Stacking the Shelves #1
While this might seem random, I am so proud of myself for doing this post. It is one of my most recent posts, actually. I wanted to add something new to my blog after doing the same weekly memes over and over again. Stacking the Shelves was a way for me to branch out even more. I also got a ton of traffic on that post for some reason, and I'm not complaining! Well, I know the reason. The day that I did that post my friend Denise from The Bibliolater did a post of her newest favorite blogs and I was listed. Thanks again Denise!!! You rock! :D

2.) Book Review: The Unexpected Everything
I love my review post for The Unexpected Everything for two reasons. Not only do I think it is one of my most well written reviews, but I was able to connect to more people because of the unique experience I took part in. I was part of the Review Train this year, and I absolutely loved the experience. Thanks again to Brittany from Space Between the Spines for hosting such a great and unique event! I got to meet a ton of more bloggers, and it was a great way to start off the summer.

1.) Discussion: Am I Becoming Too Harsh of a Critic?
This is the first discussion post of mine where I felt like I was being coherent in my thoughts. I had done some other discussion posts beforehand, but I am the most proud of this one because I felt as if I were able to get my thoughts across clearly. This is the latest post where I have put the most effort in to, also. I got amazing feedback from it and it was definitely worth the work. :D

So those are my favorite posts! If you did a T5W this week, link it down below!

Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you soon with another post!

Happy Reading!

Genni @ Ready, Set, Read!   


  1. Great picks for this weeks T5W!

    After reading through what you've wrote I deinfietly think I'm going to start posting every so often a Stacking the shelves. I think it's a great idea :D

    1. Thank you!! I've had so much fun with it, and I've only done one post!

  2. Great picks! Going to check out these posts now :)

    1. Thank you so much Jennifer! I hope you like them. :D

  3. You definitely deserve the awards and they are a great way to get more personal than we usually would. :)

    The adaptation talks were a lot of fun, especially for people watching along.

    1. Thank you so much Lauren! :D Thanks for the feedback!