Saturday, February 13, 2016

Adaption Talk: The 100 S3E4 - Watch the Thrones

The 100 is one of my favorite shows on air and never fails to disappoint. In case you haven't read some of my other Adaption Talk posts, you should now that I list my thoughts as I watch the episode.

*There will be spoilers for the last two seasons and this episode, so be wary!*

1.) I hate that Bellamy has so much guilt for so many deaths. Not only did he open the doors of Mount Weather with Clarke, but this too. He's killed more people than Clarke, so wouldn't he be considered Wanheda?

2.) I know Jasper is in mourning, but I wish he would just accept Monty's help.

3.) I am so ready for Lexa to kick some ass!

4.)  Clarke as queen? I'm game. Though is she ready for such a big leadership position again?

5.) Poor Bellamy! :( In the last episode, he didn't seem too fazed about Gina's death, but that might have just been shock. 

6.) I sincerely hope that Pike doesn't become Chancellor. He's going to screw up the alliances with the Grounders!

7.) Licnoln is such a badass. Him and Octavia make the perfect couple. 

8.) Is that seriously the dropship? How long has it been since the season one finale where it was all blown up?

9.) The Linctavia game is strong this episode!  I kind of want Lincoln and Octavia to join the grounders and leave the Ark.

10.) It's so obvious that Clarke still has feelings for Lexa even after the whole entire Mount Weather betrayal.

11.) Bellamy better not become a Grounder-hater. Lincoln has been there for him time and time again, isn't that enough evidence to suggest not all grounders are evil?

12.) It's about to happen. I'm so looking forward to Lexa kicking this guys butt. 

13.) Things aren't looking too good for Lexa... but I know she's gonna win.

14.)  Aw man, cheesy slow mo is in play.

15.) Oh my god. I was not expecting that. But hey, there are no rules expect a person dying. That was an amazing  action sequence.

16.) Bellamy is not thinking right. What is he doing? Killing 300 more grounders won't make him feel any better about himself. 

17.) Thank god Monty is finally sticking up for himself! Does Jasper not realize that Monty is suffering too? It's sad to see such a strong friendship dissolve.

18.) He did not just spill all of Finn's ashes!

19.) Well, I'm disappointed there wasn't a Clexa scene. I'm more of a Bellarke shipper, but I still like them.

20.) I wish Marcus was Chancellor! Pike cannot reject the brand! He seriously is starting a war that doesn't need to happen. 

So I really liked this episode! It is a good insight to how the rest of the season is going to go. Though I don't like the idea that there is going to be a war against the grounders. Another thing I want to see more are more Bellarke scenes. They were apart for a long while in season 2 and haven't really spent some time together since the season 2 finale. Also, what happened to that whole City of Light plot? I want some Murphy! I wish there was a scene with Raven in here, too. Are her and Wick still together?

Even though I really like the season so far, I hope it gets just a smidgen more intense. I feel like these four episodes are setting up for a great season. It's a bit weird watching the show while reading the book, just because they are so different than each other!

Well, those are my thoughts of the fourth episode of the third season of The 100! Do you guys watch the TV show? Have you read the books, or just watch the show?

Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you soon with another post!

Genni @ Ready, Set, Read!

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