Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Adaption Talk: Shadowhunters S1 E7: Major Arcana

Hey guys and welcome back! I'm Genni and today I'll be sharing my thoughts on the seventh episode of Shadowhunters! This will be my third adaption talk of the television show this far.

1.) That whole line that Magnus had about Beyonce riding a dinosaur? Not only was it weird, but it seemed forced.

2.) I wish that Clary wasn't blowing Simon off as much, even though she is doing something really important. 

3.) My mom is watching this with me, and when Luke said to stay outside the precinct to not garner more attention, my mom just replied that both Clary and Jace's hair already attract too much attention. So true! Both of their looks pretty bad. 

4.) I don't like how the show is basically making runes give you superpowers. 

5.) Jace and Clary are just awkward together. They have practically no chemistry.

6.) I love when Clary slapped Jace! His face was so awkward! :D

7.) Alec was so bad at trying to woo that lady. Quick thinking though! That was a really fun scene! I really like him and Izzy's brother/sister relationship.

8.) This night vision effect looks so bad it's funny!

9.) "That looks exactly like the mortal cup." Well, that's because it is.  

10.) I see what people are talking about with Clary and Alec's chemistry! But Alec and Magnus is so much better.

11.) Let me guess, the old lady is the demon.

12.) Izzy's necklace looks so cheesy when it blinks. 

13.) "What the unlock rune again?" - Clary  "Open sesame" - Jace, when he kicks in the door. Ughhhh so bad!

14.) Come on Clary, be a friend! Simon needs you!

15.) Alberto Rosende is literally the best part of the show. He plays Simon so well! 

16.) Why does Clary have her witchlight while all the others are using their seraph blades?

17.) I like that they are portraying Clary as this powerless girl who doesn't know how to use her powers. The past couple episodes they did the opposite of that, so I'm glad that they are making her seem just as helpless as she was in the first book. 

18.) Please don't tell me Clary is going to be kidnapped now that she got the cup out. 

19.) That isn't Jace. Can it be more obvious? 

20.) The demons in Shadowhunters look like the monster in the Real Cost ads that personify cigarettes. Except, the ad monster looks better. 
21.) "Demons. Long story." Except it is not a long story. It would just take a couple seconds to say that demon shapeshifted into Jace and she got the cup out. 

22.) It's sad to see one of your favorite book couples have barely any chemistry on screen. It has improved though!

23.) Okay, I liked the line where Clary said that she does pay attention to some of the stuff Jace says to her and how he has to pay attention to the details. One of my favorite Clary lines yet.

24.) ....Did they just kiss?

25.) Fingers crossed that Jace won't pull away from Clary and be all emotionally guarded!

26.) That kiss was a game changer. I do think they have chemistry, I just think the problem is that they are both given weak lines. 

27.) I feel so bad for Simon. :( I just wish someone would help him!

So those are my thoughts on the seventh episode of Shadowhunters. I think that this was a much stronger episode than the sixth. This episode made me start caring for other characters besides just Simon, though he is still the most compelling one of the cast. I am starting to ship Clary and Jace, but they are much stronger in the books. The television show is improving every episode, and I am actually looking forward to the next one! In comparison to Shannara Chronicles, another YA adaption on MTV, I think it falls behind. Shannara Chronicles is still a much more stronger show in its plot and character development. 

So those are my thoughts on Shadowhunters! What do you think of the series so far?

Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you soon with another post!

Happy Reading! 

Genni @ Ready, Set, Read!


  1. I'm definitely going to continue this - so far I haven't made it up to this episode yet. I do agree with you the actor playing Simon is the best part of it. And, you're right the demons totally look like the cigarettes in the real cost ads!

    By the way, I've tagged you for the Totally Should've Book Tag!

    1. I hope you like it! This was one of my favorite episodes so far. It's kind of startling how similar they are to one another.

      Thanks so much!